Small businesses can obtain important benefits from an adequate web marketing strategy and even with small budgets, great results can be achieved.

The secret of the success of small businesses that are approaching online marketing today is investing in inbound marketing.

This is the definition of Wikipedia:

“The term Inbound marketing indicates a marketing method centered on being found by potential customers (outside-in) as opposed to the traditional method, also known as outbound marketing (inside-out) which is centered on a message directed solely towards the customer. "

Below you will find some first steps to put in place to make your small and new company known:

- Create the company blog;

The corporate blog is one of the web marketing strategies you can't miss.

This platform allows a better positioning on search engines and also not being sales oriented, it offers informative contents that allow to be known by customers but also by potential customers.

The publication of at least 1 article per week on the blog facilitates the user to find you more easily on search engines. And if the article contains a clear and effective call to action, the result is an increase in sales thanks to the blog.

- High consideration of social media;

We are now in 2021, it is impossible not to take into account the importance of social media.

The most important social media is still Facebook and this is especially true for small businesses and the power of Facebook Ads should not be forgotten. It is also fundamental to know how to use Instagram in the best way, especially appreciated by Millennials.

So start registering your company on the most powerful social networks: Facebook and Instagram and post content with a certain frequency.

- Use e-mail marketing;

It is a form / means of direct marketing that integrates strategies and tactics to create and distribute communications via e-mail with the aim of sending promotional information.

Consumers love to receive newsletters, a sign of uniqueness and immediacy.

- Advertise your business;

Small and medium businesses need to focus their efforts on a well-defined audience and the best way is to use Google Adwords PPC advertising.

Google Adwords is in fact a tool that allows the promotion of your website and is very flexible because you decide how much to invest (establish the monthly cost), when to advertise (if you prefer certain hours of the right or certain days), you decide who to show advertising, for example only users who search from Italy.

The keywords in Google Adwords are words or phrases on which advertisers create offers and obviously the goal is to have their ads appear on the search engine page (SERP) when people search for that particular product.

For example, if you sell Gucci glasses, you could bid on keywords like '' discounted Gucci glasses ''.

Therefore, keyword research is essential as it determines which keywords are most likely to generate relevant traffic for your site.

Another feature not to be underestimated is the CPC (cost per click) system.

Regarding costs, Google Adwords mainly uses this system, the advertiser pays when his ad is clicked by a user.

CPC varies based on advertisers, keyword competitiveness, your default max CPC bids, and quality scores.

Google Adwords is a tool accessible to everyone, but you need to know how to use it well in order to see optimal results.

The key requirement for success is to properly set up your campaigns, that your keywords are connected with what you are promoting and that your ads are well written.

PRACTICAL EXAMPLE: You deal with the sale of organic food, in particular your strong point is honey and you sell it for 15 euros a jar.

Your competitors sell the same product for 10 euros, in this case Google Adwords will not work as the price of your product is out of the market.

PRACTICAL EXAMPLE 2: You compete in an industry whose average keyword CPC is $ 1. You have set a daily budget of € 10, so you can receive about 10 clicks per day. In this specific case, AdWords probably won't work, because your budget isn't enough to cover user searches in your industry.

That said, although small businesses certainly have a small budget, it is very important that they invest in marketing for various reasons:

-You get new contacts and skills;

- Through social media marketing they attract and entertain customers;

-You learn to understand how customers see your brand also through the reviews they leave;

-Make yourself more visible to potential customers.

And are you ready to make your small company known? Start from the first step, create your own blog!

In our blog, you will also find a guide for how to create a site or blog for beginners. If you need a free consultation or want to be followed by an expert who knows how to modify strategies and settings in order to make it an effective tool, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form, we will be happy to help you.