Edgerank is the algorithm developed by Facebook programmers, born in 2010, which determines on the basis of various personal choices what should appear in the news in social network profiles.

The official formula of this algorithm is given by the sum of the Edges: Σ ue we de.

What is an Edge?

An edge corresponds to any action performed within your profile, whether it is a comment, a like, a share ... An edge consists of three variables:

affinity, weight, time decay.

The intent of the system is to get closer to the tastes of Facebook users, trying to understand based on their behavior on the net what they may like more or less.

Each of these actions is classified by the EdgeRank and allows you to create a selection of news based on the variables of the Edge:

- affinity: it is the relationship that binds a person to a brand or a person to another, through comments, sharing, etc. .. the more you interact in this way, the higher the value in the Edge will be;

- the weight: a comment has a higher value than a like;

- the decay time: often the more time passes from the publication of a news item and the more the value of the same news decreases, unless this is always commented over time.

Finally, the algorithm as well as being important for Facebook is also very important for companies, because it allows you to understand what to do to optimize budget resources and your Facebook marketing, this allows you to be seen by more and more potential customers.

It is important to emphasize that the Edgerank indicator cannot be controlled.

But you can instead measure the score of the posts with special analysis tools on facebook and better understand the dynamics of our community by creating suitable content, with appropriate engagement strategies, to improve results.

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