What is Google Analytics?

It is a totally free service that Google makes available to its users to monitor website traffic. Analytics, in fact, shows the data and statistics relating to user access to your website.

All those who have a website must absolutely install this service, as there is no improvement without the study of traffic on their website.

How is Google Analytics activated?

1 - first you need to go to the Google Analytics page on this page you will find a good introduction to the Analytics functions and the ability to create an account or log in. If you do not have an account, then choose Create an account and follow the procedure, if you have an account log in to the service.

2 - at this point you need to register with Google Analytics by entering an account name and the URL of the site you intend to monitor.

3 - once the registration is completed, a piece of HTML code (a script) is delivered which must be inserted into each page of the website to be monitored.

4 - since the code is inserted in the pages of the site, Google Analytics will start to keep track of all accesses to the site. After a few minutes you will be able to check the accesses in real time, while to have significant data it is better to wait a few days.

Why is it important to analyze the data?

Everyone who has a website believes that Google Analytics is essential because it allows you to monitor the website and be able to improve.

The functions that Google Analytics is equipped with are:

• Goal setting and related monitoring

• Integration with AdWords and AdSense

• Complete functionality for campaign tracking

• Generation of e-commerce reports

• Monitoring of social networks

• Monitoring of internal site research

• Advanced segmentation

• Dashboard

• Analytics Intelligence

• Custom variables

• Geographic targeting

• Canalizations

If you are inexperienced, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form, we will be happy to help you with the installation of Google Analytics and help you with your business.