What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is the degree of awareness of a brand by consumers; it also indicates the ability to remember it and link it to its products or services. Recognition is an indicator of business success and helps to increase the sense of familiarity with the products, which can affect the purchase choice especially in the case of low-involvement products - such as a detergent.

Why it is important?

One of the main objectives when carrying out a marketing campaign is to increase "brand awareness" and contribute to the development of a positive brand image, thus increasing the likelihood that the brand will be included in the consideration set of consumers, that is, in that set of brands taken into consideration by the consumer when he has to make a purchase choice between different brands.

In the case of companies with strong brand awareness, consumers not only know the brand name but are also able to recognize it as soon as they see its logo.

Having a well-established brand in the minds of consumers, especially when linked to certain elements, characteristics or positive associations, is therefore essential for the well-being of the company. But in the event that a product has never been used or purchased, knowing the name alone can lead the consumer to choose that brand rather than another, precisely because of the perceived sense of familiarity.

How to increase brand awareness?

There are some activities that can be particularly functional to increase the brand awareness; for example advertising formats such as commercials, printed ads, banners or road signs. If you intend to increase the level of awareness and awareness of a brand, it could be useful to take advantage of sponsorship thanks to the notoriety of influencers who, having a high number of followers, could speak or recommend the company's products or services to a large number. of people, thus increasing awareness of the brand more rapidly.

But also a good positioning of our company or our brand on the various search engines is essential to increase the network of contacts between consumers and businesses.

How to measure brand awareness?

Brand awareness is linked to two well-defined concepts:

- Brand recall (reminder or recall of the brand);

- Brand recognition (brand recognition);

Both can be measured through memory and brand recognition tests.

In the first case, a very famous test is to ask the consumer for the make of 5 cars.

The first brand to be named is called top of mind, precisely because it is “in first place” in the minds of consumers and is more easily remembered. This can be defined as the highest and most desirable level of brand awareness.

In brand recognition tests, on the other hand, distinctive symbols of the brand are presented to consumers, such as the name or logo, and the ease with which participants are able to recognize the brand in question and reconnect it to core business, products and product category.

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