When we talk about content marketing, we are talking about one of the many tools of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

It is the set of marketing activities that use web channels to develop their commercial network, analyze market trends, predict their progress and create offers.

It is important because this activity often goes hand in hand with traditional sales strategies, but very often it is the only sales strategy if we think, for example, of Ecommerce, which, not having a physical store, but only online, need someone to take care of it. to attract online customers in the best possible way.

Main tools of Digital Marketing.

Among the various tools of Digital Marketing we find:

-Content Marketing;

-SEO (Search Engine Optimization);

-Social Media Marketing;

-PPC (Pay per click);


-Email Marketing;

-Digital Pr.

What is content marketing?

This term refers to the creation, distribution and analysis of content for the purpose of achieving one's marketing objectives.

The important tools for content marketing are:

- Blog post: writing and publishing articles on the company's blog helps you demonstrate your expertise in the sector and generate organic traffic around your business;

- Ebooks and handouts: these are useful contents for readers;

- Infographics, videos or illustrations: sometimes readers want to view content quickly so infographics are born, for example.

How is content marketing done?

First we proceed with an analysis of the context, trying to identify what needs to be met in your reference landscape. We then focus on the study of the competition and define with you the objectives to be achieved, your target audience and the type of content to be proposed. You need to understand if you need to implement lead generation, if you want to increase your brand awareness or build customer loyalty. At this point we move on to the actual definition of the contents through the creation of a story.

Then we define the channels on which to circulate them, choosing those most suitable for the type of audience you want to intercept. Finally, through marketing tools we analyze the results. In this process it is necessary to evaluate and monitor every single phase and listen to the conversations to understand the results of the campaign and evaluate any changes in direction, when necessary.

So why can we say that content marketing is important?

Content marketing has become fundamental for achieving the main business goals. Markets have become conversational, meaning your potential customer no longer wants to be hammered with sterile information but wants something that is able to “sentimentally” link him to your company.

Content marketing is able to attract the attention of the potential customer without interrupting what they are doing. Furthermore, before the company story was created at the table, now it is a matter of co-creation; users, encouraged to participate, produce content that makes a particular business grow.

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