Direct marketing is a form of marketing that favors the one to one relationship because it is aimed at a single user or at more than one who respond to certain characteristics.

Let's take an example to better understand ... when you enter a store, you enter because you are looking for a specific product (direct traffic) or because a featured product attracts your attention (ADS), take a look at what is displayed (browse the site) until a salesperson approaches you and asks you: “Can I help you? I saw you were looking at those sweaters; were you looking for something in particular? ". This is Direct marketing.

Of course, online, these processes can be automated and in this article we will take an overview of direct marketing and how to use it to talk to your contacts.



Example: ’Hello Marco, from today the sales in our shop begin, come and visit us.’ This type of message is a one-to-one communication that aims at reconversion and that can be customized in some way.


The store tries to reconvert me with an e-mail that takes into account my latest purchases.


Thanks to the newsletters that are customized and sent to users, the store in question tries to get their site visited, to encourage purchases.


It will surely have happened to you that after visiting the site of a certain store, for example of autumn sweaters, by logging into Facebook you have found many advertisements relating to various autumn sweaters.

In short: whatever form you choose, direct marketing is not simply a casual message.

Direct marketing is a copy created ad personam that sends the right information, the right offer written in a perfect language for that potential customer.


- Define the goal;

What product or service do you want to sell? What do you want your customers to do after purchasing?

- Identify the buyer persona;

You have to understand who your target is! How old is he? Woman or man? How do you use your products? What topics are you interested in?

- Identify his customer journey;

The cusomer journey is the process that characterizes the interaction between consumer and company. This 'journey' starts from the consumer's need for a product or service, and ends with the purchase.

- Choice of destination channel;

The distribution channels can be direct: producer / seller and consumer, the short channel is typically identified in the goods that are distributed with the sole intermediary of the retailer, who buys from the producer and sells to the consumer, the long channel is thus characterized by presence of the wholesaler who avoids the manufacturer the costs of contacting all retailers and simplifies his commercial management by ensuring a good presence even in less important stores.

Does your target use Whatsapp or do you think he might be more comfortable with an SMS? Will he have the patience to read an e-mail or would a nice ADS on Instagram work better?

- Write persuasive copy;

- Send;

- Analyze and measure;

Has the campaign achieved the desired results? Is the conversion rate satisfactory?

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