Nowadays we often hear about E-Commerce.

But what are they really?

It is an electronic commerce, where transactions take place between producer and consumer, for the marketing of goods and services, exclusively online.

The last ten years of our lives have been characterized by the explosion of the internet and new technologies, which is why there are so many entrepreneurs and companies who decide to start e-commerce.

What are the advantages of an e-commerce?

Certainly starting an online sales business is much easier. But the advantages are many:

-There will be no territorial or linguistic barriers: with a physical store you are always geographically limited to nearby markets. For example, if you have a shop in Naples and you want to sell in Spain as well, you will have to open another store.

With an e-commerce, on the other hand, you do not have these problems since it is an online store, which you can view anywhere from your mobile phone or computer in any language;

- Always open: physical stores obviously have to respect opening and closing times, while an e-commerce is always open 24 hours a day;

- Lower costs: e-commerce have lower costs than a physical store. Just think that e-commerce has no personnel expense or rent;

- Targeted marketing: online merchants, thanks to tracking codes such as those we find on Facebook, always have a lot of consumer information available and therefore you can do targeted marketing;

- Independence: with e-commerce the business owner will not only have a single place, so this means that you can follow your online store in any place.

Well, now that you understand what an e-commerce is and its advantages, what are you waiting for to open one?

If you are inexperienced and need our help to open your e-commerce, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form. We will be really happy to help you with your business.