Email is often used by companies to stay in touch with their audience, promoting offers, events and activities related to their brand or product.

The types of emails you can send with an email marketing strategy include:

- welcome emails to new consumers;

- subscriptions to the blog via newsletter;

- promotions for your products and loyalty programs for community members.

Why should you prefer email marketing?

Email marketing guarantees the best performing results in terms of user conversion compared to other web marketing channels and there are various completely free platforms to send them, such as Elastic Email, Mailjet ..

Furthermore, users love to receive newsletters from the brands or companies they most appreciate, because there is a sense of uniqueness and immediacy all inherent in one-to-one communication and because they love to receive real-time updates on special offers of products and services. .

How is email marketing created?

Even such a simple tool requires planning, study and application to generate great results.

Of course, if you send an email every now and then, just when you remember it, you won't get that return on investment.

The purpose of this article is to give you the fundamental foundation for planning an effective email marketing strategy that generates new business opportunities, customers and profits.

There are two types of emails you can send:

- email follow-up (or automatic)

-email broadcast (or manuals)

Follow-up emails are scheduled emails, which are distributed automatically, with a predefined cadence.

Broadcast emails are emails that you decide to send to the entire email list at a certain time.

The difference therefore lies in the "delivery time".

It was good to do this classification, since, depending on the type of sending, you will have to adopt different strategies.

But who do we send these emails to?

If you already have a good customer list, you can have a more advanced discussion with them, as your customers already trust you and like your products, so you can keep them further and inspire them to buy new products or you can just invite them to buy. more often maybe doing special promotions for the most important customers.

However, the great potential of email marketing lies in connecting with new potential customers and, consequently, selling more and more often, with greater profit.

That is why, in any case, whether you already have a list or not, you will have to work constantly to build and grow your mailing list. In fact, this very important phase of email marketing is called: building lists.

List building is the lifeblood of your email marketing.

Furthermore, the creation of lists is also important to "replace" those users who change their email address, change their interests, unsubscribe or simply no longer read your emails.

We can therefore say that an email marketing strategy is mainly composed of 3 phases:

- Definition of email marketing objectives: first of all it is necessary to clearly define what the objectives are;

This is the basis for having control over the campaign and for determining if the results are satisfactory.

-Construction of the list;

- Creation of automatic lists.

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