Let's start with a fundamental premise. We are in 2020 and Facebook is really important as a digital advertising platform.

Do you know why?

We can certainly say that over 2 billion people use Facebook and the ease of reaching each of them is truly a great potential.

What is Facebook ADS?

Facebook ADS is the Facebook platform where we can publish ads within it.

On Facebook, thanks to the insertion of each user of their personal data (date of birth, age, sex etc ..), this platform then knows their interests well, also based on the likes and comments that users post .

Why and when to advertise on Facebook?

Over the years, social media have proven to be excellent advertising channels to get new leads (contacts) and turn them into customers.

If you want to intercept an audience that might be interested in your product or service, Facebook Ads will certainly be for you, allowing you to submit your ads to a specific target of users.

If you have traffic on your site or E-commerce (regardless of how it was obtained), you may want to contact those users to repurpose your ads.

You know when you are looking for a product and after visiting a site you go to Facebook and find its sponsored ads?

This is remarketing.

You will be able to create customized user lists based on their actions, for example having visited a particular page (article, product ...).

It will be essential to have a clear strategy of our Facebook Ads campaign. It will be appropriate to understand where the potential customer is within our sales funnel and submit different announcements depending on whether they are far or close to the purchase.

How much does Facebook ADS cost?

Here is the most frequently asked question, but it depends.

It depends on what you advertise, on the target, on how many competitors you have, on the objectives ...

Unlike traditional advertising methods, Facebook does not have a fixed price for each positioning, but follows an auction system between advertisers to obtain the publication of the ad; this is because Facebook users can only see a limited number of Ads per day.

There are various factors that determine which ad will be shown, to whom it will be shown and at what cost:

- who are you targeting;

As we will see later, the targeting possibilities are many and depending on the target you choose, you will compete with other advertisers

- your relevance engagement and click through rate;

Facebook assigns each ad a relevance score from 1 to 10 depending on the associated target and its response. The higher the interaction and the number of clicks, the higher your score and the more likely it is that your ad will be viewed with lower costs.

- the timing;

The more competitive the sector, the higher the costs will be. There will be times of the year, such as some holidays, when costs could increase significantly.

You can pay in various ways:

-Per impression: You pay for each view of your ad

It is preferable to use this option when you want to reach as many people as possible, for example in a brand awareness campaign (marketing term that describes the degree of recognition of a product by the consumer through the name).

-Per click: you only pay if someone clicks on your ad

This option is preferable when we want to lead users to click on a link that will take them to the site or to a specific landing page.

-For action: you only pay when a user takes a certain action, such as filling out a registration form, purchasing a product or visiting a certain page.

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