What exactly is focused marketing? Let's start by saying that focused marketing focuses solely on the customer, therefore on the only actor who can make decisions and produce turnover.

Focused marketing will allow you to achieve results in:

1. Small businesses;

2. Micro-enterprises;

3. SMEs with a turnover of up to 6 million;

4. Technical and professional studies;

5. Professionals.

First of all in focused marketing it is important to identify the target, then the customer, through the needs, wants, needs and requirements.


Focused Marketing works because at the end of the marketing strategy construction process it identifies which key messages are able to open a direct and effective communication channel with the mind of your Ideal Target Customer.

A customer who, with respect to what he wants to achieve or is looking for, will be told exactly what he wants, finding in you a solution that he deems perfect for him.

To achieve this, it is important to follow several basic steps:

1. Evaluate the scenario where the customer is moving, to understand risks and opportunities;

2. Analyze the competition;

3. Create an Authority that differentiates you from competitors;

4. Construction of the proposal and define the positioning for the client;

5. Identify the benefits, advantages, utilities with respect to the needs and requirements of your client;

6. The definition of the communication key messages to attract and conquer your Ideal Target Customer;

Focused marketing is the final act of building a winning marketing strategy.

Another aspect of Focused Marketing is that, once the Marketing Strategy has been defined, you can build a marketing plan that will be effective because it is totally focused on your Ideal Target Customer.

The marketing plan contains the actions to be done, the tools and channels to be used, the times in which to carry out the activities and also takes into account the financial resources.

The process that is used in Focused Marketing, allows to build, in addition to a winning marketing strategy, also a marketing plan that takes into account the times and ways in which the economic and time resources are or will be available and, with respect to these , what is most useful to do.

In essence, Focused Marketing also answers the most important question: "What is the best result I can achieve with the resources I have available?"

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