This 2020 has brought with it many changes, we have been overwhelmed by a powerful pandemic that has changed our customs and habits. A pandemic that has engulfed an entire world and that will be difficult indeed impossible to forget.

Many people before this 2020 were used to having a coffee with friends before going to work, or meeting for a weekend aperitif. All this changes when going to work no longer exists because smart working or work directly from home takes over.

It took just a few months and we found ourselves having breakfast, calling with colleagues and working out in the living room. The way of shopping has also changed, or rather it has evolved.

We no longer felt like it and many times we could not even physically go to the shops to go shopping and then we would buy from home, from the comfort of our sofa.

More and more people are buying products on the Internet and using credit cards to shop at any store. Obviously this is not new, but in recent months it has been a real need that has led many entities to create special services to facilitate and improve these different ways of purchasing.

The latest news, however, was the state CASKBACK in Italy, precisely to put an end to many online purchases and take back the economy of our country.

What is cash back?

Cash back is a sort of small reimbursement, applied by various stores, brands and payment platforms on the expenses made by customers in physical stores to help many companies out of the crisis.

From 1 January 2021, in Italy, after a trial in December, the Cash back system has entered into force, anyone who has joined will be granted a six-monthly refund equal to 10% of the amount spent up to a maximum of 1,500 euros per semester and provided that at least 50 cashless transactions are made per semester: on balance, that is, you can reach a maximum repayment of 300 euros in a year.

Registration is simple, just have the SPID or an electronic identity card and register on the IO App following the instructions.


At the basis of the failure of the Christmas cash back there would be the many difficulties encountered by citizens starting from 8 December. Store closings did not facilitate shopping and many preferred to buy gifts online.

The Io App also had various problems, because it was unable to manage the many users who used it and only 60% of those who downloaded it then used it for purchases.

Furthermore, those who have made contactless payments have encountered many problems in tracking operations in the app, with the result that they may not receive the state refunds of the cashless plan.

Despite the flop, already widely announced by consumer and merchant associations, the government is ready to invest a lot more in this project.

The program lasts six months. You are entitled to a refund equal to 10% of the expenses made with digital payments, both apps and credit cards and ATMs, for a maximum of 150 euros per semester and 15 euros for each transaction made. It is necessary to make at least 50 payments over the six months, ie from 1 January to 30 June and from 1 July to 31 December.

How does the COMPANY CASH BACK work?

The meaning changes little, because cash back is also a percentage of what we spend on an e-commerce or travel booking portal that is returned to us in the form of freely cashable money.

There are 3 ideas with which a company can take advantage of cash back.

1) Take advantage of the cash back for business savings;

The company will be able to meet all business expenses with an account through the cash back site and in this way all business expenses made will be re-credited with the percentages provided by the platform.

Business expenses can be: furniture, business trips by plane or train, office equipment, hotels, restaurants, tablets and computers, company mobile phones, etc….

In this way, thanks to cash back, a company with its business purchases will be able to collect millions of euros from its own expenses.

Expenses that without the cash back would still have been made as they are related to the ordinary administration of the business.

2) Become an affiliated partner of a cash back circuit;

Another way in which companies can take advantage of cash back is to become an agreement as a commercial partner of a network that offers its customers credit when they purchase products or services.

There are various ways and platforms to get an agreement, it depends on your business and your product.

Some networks you can take a look at to join are:




3) Create the corporate cash back website in co-brand;

An innovative way to exploit the technology and trends of e-commerce, which takes cash back to a higher level than the use made by both individuals and most senior entrepreneurs, is the co-brand partnership (or white label ) between the cash back platform and the company itself.

It should be noted that this is not always possible because cash back sites do not always offer this.

But what is it specifically?

A co-brand portal is a site or platform identical to the original but 're-branded' with the company logo and colors, so that it can be associated with the company.

This phenomenon has existed for many years and can be compared to a sort of online franchise.

Having said that, a company with cash back can earn depending on the use it makes, it can save about 10% of the costs of purchasing materials or travel, it can increase its turnover if it enters as a merchant in a cash back circuit, or it can raise up to millions of euros if it raises funds through its own white label cash back platform.

If you are inexperienced and need a free consultation on the feasibility or otherwise of a cash back strategy, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out our contact form, we will be really happy to help you.