Any company that wants to be present on the online market such as Google, various search engines or Google Maps refers to Google My Business.

But what is Google My Business?

It is a service that helps customers discover the services that your company offers, contact you and find out where you are. For example, if you have a restaurant, Google My Business will suggest to your customers your address, your hours, your website, images etc ...

But the craziest thing is that it's totally free !!

So what is Google My Business for?

- To make you discover and give visibility to your company;

- To make you successful;

- It is an access point to commercial products such as Adwords Express.

Signing up for Google My Business, a service that makes the Google platform available, is really simple.

Just log into your Google account, and click on Google My Business.

At that point you will register your company, therefore with the name, address, website, images ...

At this point you will have registered and you will only have to wait for verification.

Once verified, you will understand how important this platform is for your business, but don't forget to update your business often, especially with photos .. the customer will have to choose you and not another company.

The more users find your content, the more you will be known, the more they will follow you and therefore the more your business will be visible to more people.

For a free consultation, or simply to understand how to best use google my business for your company, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form. We will always be happy to assist you in helping you change your business.