This is a free tool for discovering Google search trends. Its purpose is to allow the public to identify how the need for the average user moves online.

This solution allows you to predict the success of a given content and the potential interest of the public in it.

Its functions not only concern the possibility of having a single search carried out by the public, but also of comparing multiple queries typed and identifying other useful information concerning:

-Regional location.

-City (in some cases).

-Related queries.

-Emerging research.

Why use Google Trend?

It is useful to use Google Trends because you can find out what people want from the web. In reality, Google Trends is a really useful tool for those who do web marketing and in particular SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Even bloggers often use this tool for those who want to create good content for their editorial plan.

So why use Google Trends?

-Find new topics for your blog;

-You discover many keywords in particular sectors;

-Find out whether or not it is convenient to create a page;

- Individual unique themes, avoiding duplicates.

How do you use Google Trend?

Google Trend makes available to its users the possibility to explore the interests on a given topic starting from a specific search through the “Explore” button or to observe the trend searches based on what is happening in real time.

In the first case, it is the user himself who asks the platform and obtains results based on what is requested. Filters and additional tools are made available to you, such as related searches, perspectives of users who have also searched for other queries when searching for a term.

In the second case, a list of the 20 search trends per day and in real time is available.

It is important to make a difference between the two choices because, even if the results are available on the same day, they may not coincide.

The "Search trends by day" section indicates the trending topics over the 24 hours of a specific day in a specific geographical area; the "Trends in real time" section does not necessarily have the same search topics for the same geographical area since at that time the interest of the searches may have shifted to something else.

By clicking on the results in the "Search trends by day" section, news related to the topic is displayed; by clicking on the results of the "Trends in real time" section, the user has access to the graph relating to research interest and news on that given topic and the news and queries related to it.

Alternatives to Google Trend

-Uber suggest (allows you to know the main words related to a specific keyword. Created by Neil Patel);

-AnswerThePublic (Compared to other tools it is more oriented to long tail keywords and increases the search potential of websites and content through organic search.);

-BuzzSumo (BuzzSumo is a content analysis platform that identifies and analyzes the most shared content on the web. The service is paid).

For further clarification, if you are not experienced enough and need help, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form. We will be happy to help you with your business!