Facebook always offers new features for users and many times they are free.

Groups, for example, can expand placements because advertisers here have an excellent ability to reach the right users, because the members of a group share a common interest.

Facebook's goal is to help administrators with Group management and motivate group members to interact.

What are the benefits for Facebook groups and communities?

-You can format posts, useful for writing in groups. The goal is to allow group administrators to write more and more engaging posts;

- There is the connection of pages and groups, even Facebook pages can become members of a group;

-There is better management of groups, in fact administrators can show members the group rules that have been violated;

-One novelty is the possibility to subscribe to groups. The goal is to give advertisers more control to see where ads appear.

Therefore Facebook groups are a weapon of mass sharing in the marketing strategy, since they are able to fully engage users for free.

A Facebook group is the best place to attract and create communities, that is, a set of active people united by a common interest.

They are also useful for increasing your contact list (email, phone, etc ...) outside of Facebook.

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