We are in 2021, we live in a completely digital world and we all know what hashtags are and their importance on the web today. In this article, we will still try to explain it with more technical terms, but within everyone's reach, even the less experienced in the sector.

Hashtags are created on social networks and are like hyperlinks. Clicking on the hashtag will automatically open another page where all the contributions (photos, videos ...) related to the same hashtag are collected.

It was born on Twitter on August 23, 2007, thanks to inventor Chris Messina, who published this sentence: "how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg] ?. "

The idea was to group the tweets related to the same topic into a single section, through the hashtag.

This innovative system, we will see over the years that it has had great success on social media, especially on Instagram.

Hashtags are a very useful tool, but they are very often abused.


Assuming that their function is to group similar contents to reach new targets interested in the topic, a hashtag is used to index keywords or topics and is an important element to meet new users, communicate and present themselves as a brilliant interlocutor.


Users use hashtags # before a key concept so that tweet will be visible in a relevant category. By clicking on that tag, a page will open where all the other tweets that include the same hashtag, therefore the same topic, will be shown.

Twitter's tips for making the best use of # are:

- You cannot add punctuation marks or spaces between words after the hashtag, otherwise the hashtag will not work;

- If you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who searches for that hashtag could find your Tweet;

- The advice is not to use many hashtags, maximum 2 for each tweet.


On Twitter or Instagram the concept is practically the same, but on Instagram the importance of the hashtag is really relevant to grow, to involve a wider community that surely you would never have achieved without this tool.


First, it is important to ask yourself, which and how many hashtags should I use? When is it useful to use them?

There is a limit of hashtags, you cannot use more than 30 per post on Instagram.

There is a platform, Hashy, that helps you find the right hashtags, just enter the topic of your post and the platform generates the most similar hashtags for you.

But with the new 2021 algorithm, the use of hashtags changes. If before it was enough to enter a maximum of 30 hashtags among the most popular to have visibility, now this is no longer the case. With the new algorithm, things change:

- You need to use a few hashtags, between 1 to 5 for each post.

- Select only those of low / medium popularity and very related to the theme of the photo that will be published.

- Always experiment with new hashtags, don't always use the same ones.

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