Let's start with the definition of newsletters.

What are we talking about?

Wikipedia explains that: ’’ A newsletter is a periodic information update that a company, an institution, an association or a work group sends to a specific target, such as users, customers or members, updating them on their activities. Born in paper form, today it is mainly sent by e-mail. ''

How do you schedule a newsletter?

First of all, to design a newsletter you need to know your readers' interests well and only send quality content that is interesting to your potential customers.

- Plan;

The first step is to plan, you need to create a calendar and decide when you want to send your newsletter. Decide for each publication the type of topic to be treated. This way you can prepare your content in advance.

- The subject of the email is the most important part;

The more personal and engaging the style used to write the e-mail subject, the more successful you will be; if your e-mail appears as a 'sale at all costs', more users will trash your e-mail without even opening it. It is very nice to open the mail with the name of the recipient, whoever receives it will understand that it has been personalized for him.

- The message must be concise;

It is important that the message is short and concise to keep the interest of readers high.

The platforms from which you can send newsletters are varied. A few of them will be listed in this article.

Wix: in another article of ours we explain how easy and convenient it is to create a site with Wix, for this reason, if you have registered your site with the Wix platform, it will be very easy to send newsletters as well.

MailChimp: is one of the best free solutions to create and manage a newsletter. It allows you to schedule sending, manage subscribed users and provides numerous templates with the ability to apply customizations and changes.

Mad Mimi: is a free online service that allows you to create and send newsletters in an incredibly easy way. In the free version it allows you to create a newsletter by choosing one of the available templates and to send it to a maximum number of 100 people.

Mailant: another free online service for sending newsletters. It allows you to import and manage contacts without limitations, to create newsletters with customized layouts and offers the possibility to insert images and attachments. Furthermore, with Mailant it is possible to schedule the sending of the newsletter by choosing the day and time of "shipment".

NewsLetter2Go: an online platform that allows you to create and send your own newsletter. The free version allows the sending of 1000 emails per month. Among the main features, it allows automated sending and offers numerous free templates, with the ability to request customized layouts and for every need.

If you are inexperienced and need help sending your newsletter, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form. We will be happy to help you with a free consultation.