We've been talking about it for a long time and finally here it comes ... Mark Zuckerberg inaugurates the era of social media

e-commerce with Facebook and Instagram Shop.

This feature allows everyone to create their own store, and then sell online within the two platforms Facebook and Instagram, in a very simple and fast way.

Facebook shop gives you the possibility to create a mobile e-commerce, with a few simple steps and for free, any seller can open their own online shop.

It is sufficient to create and set up the shop only once with all the data necessary to use it.

The seller will therefore be able to take advantage of all the visibility opportunities offered by the ecosystem, from Stories to Ads, and at the same time offer excellent pre and post-sales customer care thanks to messaging apps, reaching a potential audience of 3 billion users.

Facebook Shop is free, no fees or commissions will be required. Another smart move by Zuckerberg and associates, especially in a delicate phase like the current one, which opens the program to millions of small shops and businesses that do not have the budget and resources to create a classic proprietary e-commerce.

How is Facebook / Instagram Shop activated?

- Check the email and notifications on Facebook, because you will be notified of the possibility of opening your shop;

-Create and configure your Sales Manager within Business Manager; if you do not have Business Manager, you must activate it for free from, associate your Facebook page, Instagram and advertising account following the wizard;

-Enter all the data necessary for the configuration of Facebook Shop, such as company data (VAT number, physical address, email, etc ...), payment information, return policy, shipping options, etc ... as in a real e-commerce ;

-Create a product catalog that the shop will draw on to show information to customers or manually upload the products themselves to the Facebook store;

-Create the collections within your online store and customize colors, texts and layouts as in a sort of web mini-site.

Facebook Shop will probably become an integration to support online sales. Perfect for the small shop, the business with excellent levels of interaction on Instagram, or even for the big one

e-commerce that, for example, wants to sell its best sellers on a more direct and mobile channel, or impulse purchase products below a certain price threshold, because they are more easily "salable" in this way. The potential to take flight is really all there.

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