In 2021 everyone talks about Instagram incessantly, without a doubt it can be considered the fashion of the moment.

But what is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network. A social network like Twitter or Facebook, which however, unlike these listed, focuses on photos. Instagram is therefore defined as a photographic social network, since only photos and videos can be published.

There are many companies that, every day, have the opportunity to meet 500 million active users every day.

You are surely wondering, how can I improve my visibility on Instagram?

1. Take maximum care of the photos and videos you post;

Photos and videos are the beating heart of Instagram and there is a lot of competitiveness, which is why you need to know how to take care of your photos and videos well. It is important to create content that interests and engages followers.

2. Create a story;

The future of Instagram marketing is all about telling a story with your photos.

The Instagram feed can help a lot if compiled well, if it tells a story along with the image you post.

3. The importance of stories;

Offer "micro-stories" via captions, videos, Instagram stories and Instagram profiles and thus increase engagement rates.

4. Be authentic;

In 2018, Instagram did a lot to clean up the platform from bots, fake likes and fake "influencers", in fact if you resort to artificial tools that automate your online presence you could see some of your Instagram features removed as a form of "punishment" for the use of bad practices.

So, create authentic content, tell stories with subtitles, and use Instagram Stories features such as emoji, slider, gif or question sticker.


To have a coherent profile on Instagram and able to convey the right message, it is important to follow a precise style that reflects that of the other marketing channels used. In this regard it is possible to create real style guides to follow when creating content, the key points concern:

1. The composition;

Refers to the structure of the photo or video. You don't need to be an expert photographer, it may be useful to define some rules regarding the background, the main focus of the content and the space needed for the text at the top or bottom of the image.

2. The colors;

Always using the same range of colors you have the possibility to create a consistent and focused feed.

3. Filters;

Filters can improve or damage your posts, they must be used with caution because they can drastically change the look of your photos and videos, so it is important to choose to use only some of them (those most in line with your message) so as not to confuse the user.

4. Caption;

There is no fixed rule for the caption, there are various ways to use this space. Some use it for micro-blogging, others use it to insert a catchy short title or to ask users questions. The possibilities are endless. The important thing is to always make sure to maintain a certain consistency.

5. Hashtags;

Last but not least, indeed, they are perhaps the fundamental element in Instagram posts.

They have become the most used tool on social networks to categorize the content produced and posted. On Instagram, hashtags allow users to discover new content and accounts to follow.

To generate constant growth, our advice is to post at least two contents a day or at least two contents every week and experiment with an additional post to understand which type of message best suits your reality and the needs of your audience.

According to various analyzes, there is greater engagement on Instagram on weekends (22.3%), so it may be appropriate to schedule some posts for Saturday or Sunday.

You can simply post your own images or videos, but we've seen success comes when you're proactive, so invite your followers to engage with your content.

A good way to drive engagement is by using interactive content. Interactive content engages your audience more, increases click-throughs, and offers greater opportunities for growth.

Even if you have never used this platform or you are starting to use it and the results do not arrive, it is important that you are patient and have specific goals in mind.

In this way the contents produced can be focused on reaching them and will be more consistent in the eyes of the followers.

Once the objectives and metrics to evaluate the achievable results have been defined, it becomes important to identify which audience you want to target.

The main focus of marketing is to communicate the right message to your audience so knowing the demographic characteristics of the user who uses a platform is a central element to understand if you are reaching the right target.

Once you have defined the objectives and determined the effectiveness of Instagram for your target, you can get to the heart of your strategy:

• Optimizing your profile

• Creating an editorial plan

• Defining the times

• By measuring returns

If you are inexperienced and need a free consultation, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form, we will be happy to help you with your business.