When we talk about LSI we are talking about Latent Semantic Indexing, that is, indexing of data and contents.

If you don't know what this term is, don't worry, sit down and read this article.

In this article, everything will be better explained, without resorting too much to technical terms, I will tell you that LSI is an indexing method which, thanks to a specific mathematical technique, identifies which relationships exist within a document.

Why Was LSI a Change for Search Engines?

A long time ago, to search for a specific document within a database, a search engine took the keyword to be searched and then actually searched for it in each document and then returned only the document that contained that specific keyword.

The LSI method has overturned the method used, since now the search engine is no longer limited to only looking for that particular keyword in each document, but makes a broader and deeper analysis by comparing various documents between various sets of words looking for relationships .

We therefore understand well that with the LSI it is possible to identify very similar documents.

How does LSI work?

Let's assume that your website talks about gift boxes, the title of the page will most likely be: ’’ Best gift boxes for your friends or customize your gift box.

This way LSI will make various assumptions about what they can expect to find in your text. Obviously the search engine will expect words like: gifts, boxes, ribbons, cardboard boxes, box sizes, etc. Google can figure out if your title matches what is written in your document, and if it does not match it will be called garbage.

To understand if that particular content you write can please Google, it must first please users.

So now we know that LSI can help you with SEO.

How can I find the right keywords for SEO?

There are many ways to find the keywords to use in texts, the first is very simple, we often find it but maybe we don't realize it.

Do you ever get search suggestions when you type a word in the search bar?

The words that Google suggests to you are the same words that Google considers important for that specific term.

Not only will Google then suggest various keywords, but you will also be shown the searches that those particular suggestions have collected, and how competitive they can be.

There is also a very useful tool that suggests many useful terms for the optimization of our texts, is the portal.

What are the most effective words for LSI?

Surely you should only use keywords that are consistent with what you write in the document.

Just understand how users think when they do a search ..

The user will look for specific information on a certain topic, for example an apple pie recipe.

Then he will look for more in-depth information such as ingredients for apple pie.

And finally he will look for information on where to buy that beautiful cake pan to make apple pie.

If you follow these guidelines, users will find what they are looking for and your texts will respond to users' needs and therefore will be appreciated by search engines.

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