In 2021 we are almost 100% of the population who read reviews before trying a new service or business.

Have you ever wondered why reviews are an important weapon of web marketing?

The answer is simple: if many people speak well of that product or service, the user will be more inclined to trust, especially if it is for example of online shopping, but hotel or restaurant reviews are also read with a certain turnout. .

We can therefore say that one of the stages of the sale (the last) is the review, since people's opinion influences our choice.

On Trip Advisor, Booking or Google, reviews are one of the ranking factors.

In the field of web marketing, very often, to receive a review you do it by sending an email ... that is, once I purchase a product online, the next email will be the invitation

to review the product once tried, and many times, to increase the sale also offers a discount code on the first review.

Now have you understood how important reviews are for a company?

No doubt you have understood it perfectly, but how can you go about increasing the reviews of your online store?

On average, 90% of users read the last 10 reviews about a product or service, to get their own idea.

1) Ask, after the purchase, in a kind and polite way, to leave a review on the product;

2) Offer something in return. Quite often, people do something in exchange for something else. You could give them a 15% discount code or free shipping on a next purchase in exchange for a review. This way you will have secured another sale and a good review as well;

3) Automatic submission of the request to let you leave a review. There are various platforms that allow you this, one of them is Yotpo, you can customize the text of the e-mail and invite the customer to leave a review of the purchased product.

However, make sure to send the emails only once the customer has received the product.

In any case, for a free consultation, do not hesitate to fill out the contact form. We will always be happy to assist you in helping you change your business.