SEO is the English acronym for Search Engine Optimization and defines the optimizations of a website that serve to improve the ranking in search engine results such as Google.

The optimization process involves 3 activities:

-Technical Optimization: this phase allows search engines to correctly index the pages of your website;

- Content creation: if the contents of your website will be appreciated by users, they will also be appreciated by search engines;

- Content promotion: promoting content designed to be shared is a fundamental phase for the success of your SEO campaign.

SEO is a perfect combination of technical optimization and marketing strategy.

But before you start optimizing your website, it's important to understand how a search engine works.

1) Scan: Google scans the web for new content.

2) Index: Google stores crawled content in an index.

3) Positioning: when the user carries out a search, the search engine algorithms evaluate, based on the positioning factors, which contents best respond to the information question.

To understand who users are and what they are looking for, it is important to research keywords, in fact, the search and analysis of the latter is the first step of an SEO campaign because it helps you understand what and how your users are looking for online.

There are 3 parameters that I suggest you follow to search for keywords suitable for your positioning:

1) Search volumes: number of times on a monthly basis a keyword is used for a search;

2) Relevance: a term can have high search volumes but not be relevant to the site you are optimizing;

3) Competition: keywords with high search volumes can attract many more users but also have more competition.

In addition to keywords, the structural element of a web page to which search engines attach more importance is the Title Tag, but also the URL, the SEO optimization of images .. are important elements.

Once you have optimized your website, you will need to monitor the results, in fact to understand the results of your SEO campaign, you must monitor the positioning of the most important and strategic keywords over time.

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