Let's start with the definition of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is a set of powerful and multipurpose strategies, tailor-made for social platforms, through which companies and brands promote their products and services with the aim of reaching new customers or engaging current customers more.

So what is the mission of social media marketing?

The mission is to improve the digital presence of the brand or company and thus improve its positioning.

However, every social media marketing strategy includes well-defined factors:

- Establish its objectives (short or long term);

- Define the target audience to understand who we are addressing;

- Choose the most suitable platforms. We cannot think of being everywhere. Each social network has its own characteristics, and can be suitable for one audience rather than another;

- Define the available budget.

We can therefore confirm that this discipline exploits the ability of social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter ...) and web-social applications (apps) to generate interaction (engagement) and sharing (social sharing), in order to increase visibility and the notoriety of the brand, of a product or service, of a freelance or a public figure.

How does social media marketing work?

Companies and organizations create, or connect, to "networks of individuals" (communities) who share interests and needs on social networks. These users are offered relevant content in various formats (text, images, videos, etc.) in order to stimulate discussions about the brand and with it.

If handled correctly, user / customer interaction with this content can produce loyalty.

Users / customers, with their "likes", "comments", "shares", activate word of mouth online by individually involving their network (friends, fans, followers) in the discussion.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Now let's see what are the main advantages offered by this discipline:

• Improvement of customer satisfaction;

• Increase in customer loyalty (brand loyalty);

• Improvement of customer service;

• Increase in commercial contacts (sales initiatives) and sales;

• Increase of web traffic to the site or blog;

• Better positioning of the site (ranking) on ​​search engines;

• Increased awareness or brand awareness (brand awareness);

• Linking and developing interactive relationships with your target audience;

• Develop a reputation as an expert or leader in the relevant industry (brand authority).

The importance of Social Media Marketing

Why is social media marketing important?

Social networks have become a virtual meeting place for people, where:

• exchange ideas on the most diverse topics,

• read reviews on products and services they wish to purchase,

• search for information on places they want to visit, such as restaurants or hotels.

Once, when these social platforms did not yet exist, this exchange of news took place in bars or other social gathering spaces. Today, however, people spend much more time on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn and that's where they often "meet" and talk to each other. What does this mean? This means that companies and professionals should increasingly work on the ability to intercept and involve users in discussions on online social networks, because in these online environments it is possible to make them their customers. People's opinions are increasingly influenced by conversations on the internet and this is something to consider if you are selling a product on the web, if you are doing online marketing, or even if you just want to become important and relevant as an influencer.

Why does this trend affect us? Who is a businessman, or an online marketer, to reach his audience - his potential customers - must become good at getting noticed where he can find them, that is on social networks. It must be present and be able to guide the opinions of those who have to make decisions and must do it online, because it is there that purchasing decisions are made more and more frequently.

Being an expert on social media is also important for those looking for new professional opportunities to:

•find work,

• be desired by businesses,

• have career opportunities and increase earnings.

To be interesting and attractive to companies, it will also be appropriate to become good at managing the software, tools and platforms through which it is possible to reach potential customers interested in a product or service on social networks.

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