We know that social media trends change every year. Thanks to marketing experts from all over the world we can announce the forecasts regarding the trends for the year 2021.

1) The public will be more socially aware

The new generations are more aware of social networks and their power, which is why they are more committed to issues such as environmental protection, inclusiveness and sustainability.

2) There will be an affront to digital disinformation

In 2020, the issue of disinformation jumped to the fore due to the crisis triggered by the Coronavirus. Uncertainty and fear have generated a wide spread of fake news. Unfortunately, fake news often has major repercussions in society. This is why in 2021, companies and information channels on social networks will have to be at the forefront to support the truth and prevent the spread of fake news.

3) The 4 C's of Coronavirus Content

The 78% of consumers want to find brands that improve everyday life. Consequently, brands will have to adapt their communication to the new climate generated by the pandemic. Here comes the so-called "Coronavirus Content" which focuses on the four Cs that will characterize the tone of social conversations in 2021: Community (community), Contactless (absence of contact), Cleanliness (hygiene), Compassion (understanding).

4) Memes will be more and more important

Memes are increasingly used as an immediate and fun method of communication, which is why brands must always be prepared for this type of communication.

5) Conversational marketing will drive purchases

Brands must now be aware that it is not enough to send a message for people to understand it. Instead, you need to create connections with your followers on social media, stimulating conversations and developing real relationships.

6) The line that separates social media from video games will be thinner and thinner

During the lockdown, video games were a pastime for many people. Subscribers to online gaming forums and groups have thus increased. The audience of gamers can be an important asset for brands, which can be inspired by video games to adopt more innovative forms of social involvement, such as virtual or augmented reality, but also consider advertising on gaming platforms.

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