Podcasts have been put aside for a long time, almost forgotten, risking disappearing, but recently, thanks to a new way of using them, they have reappeared, offering many opportunities also to create engagement and make the Brand an authoritative voice in the sector.


"The Podcast is an audio file (the most popular) or video that can be used at any time, thanks to the download in mp3 or other specific formats, and saved in the memory of a device for playback."

It was born in the early 2000s, when the use of RSS feeds became popular for exchanging audio recordings on computers, mp3 players and mobile phones.

Podcasts, as explained above, had some peaks of success and others of near-forgetfulness, especially in the radio environment, because they allowed (and still do), to listen to programs at any time, by downloading the files to a device. With the advent of other systems such as streaming, the Podcast has been set aside to make room for new technologies. It seemed a natural selection, given the ease of use of online content and in fact, as far as videos and the advent of YouTube are concerned, Podcasts do not stand up to comparison but as regards audio, in recent years there has been a very strong recovery.


Podcasts can help you grow your business. Life has become a race, sometimes you don't even have time to read an article, so Podcasts make it easy, considering that most Podcasts are listened to through smartphones and tablets while on the go.

Many times the use of the voice has a greater impact than reading written texts, so you could opt to communicate information of great interest to your sector through audio; giving you that authority that others could not achieve. By listening to your voice, a sense of trust is instilled in the user, which helps to better position your Brand in the minds of those who listen to you!

The Podcast is a perfect tool for creating engagement because the use of the voice increases engagement and makes you more familiar to the user. A bit like when you listen to a radio speaker for a long time. We learn to recognize his way of speaking and the type of irony, to the point of considering him almost like one of the family.

Among the most interesting aspects of the Podcast there is certainly that of creating quality content.

The Podcast thus becomes a tool for gaining new followers, sharing information and creating thematic channels divided by topic.

Finally, remember that the ability to integrate more content and means of communication will favorably affect brand awareness and web reputation, demonstrating the versatility of your brand compared to the competition.

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