Very often you have certainly heard about the Buyer figure in marketing.

In order to understand who the ideal customers are, companies try to define them through the tool of buyer personas.

Buyer personas are imaginary representations of your ideal customers. They help grow your business and help you understand who your ideal buyers are, and how to best serve them. In addition, they will help you create customized content based on customer needs, managing effective communication and understanding how your product can satisfy the customer.

The buyer personas, being representations, should provide both real information (demographic and personal information), and imaginary references (challenges, ambitions, behavior patterns shared by all members of a particular reference niche).

It is very important to have detailed information on the buyer persona, in this way you can create an effective marketing strategy, to produce and improve the products and to manage the sales negotiations.

We can therefore affirm the central role of this figure within a well-structured marketing strategy.

A thorough buyer persona will help you focus on your customers' pain points, challenges and needs.


1. They help identify what customers want;

2. They help understand how customers decide to buy;

3. They help keep the marketing team aligned;

Buyer personas allow your marketing team to be aligned on how to deliver marketing messages, regardless of the different campaigns they may be working on at any given time.

4. They help you understand where your business can improve.

Going into more detail, there are many important reasons why it becomes essential to create your buyer personas:

• Reallocate the paid marketing budget

• Reallocate your human resources

• Use specific language your buyer personas use

• Segment your database of contacts according to the identified buyer personas

• Create eBooks, brochures or content with a specific buyer persona in mind

• Create blog posts with a specific buyer persona in mind

• Create specific video and audio content in line with your buyer personas

• Audit existing information, education and promotional content to align it with your buyer persona

• Combine and align your buyer persona according to a professional customer journey map and create content suitable for each stage of the sales lifecycle

• Optimize landing pages

• Use dynamic content on your website customized and tailored to the different buyer personas

• Activate co-marketing campaigns between companies with buyer persona in common

• Segment your database of contacts according to the negative buyer personas

• Start a new digital marketing project

• Activate a content marketing plan

• Design and launch an inbound marketing plan

• Consider redesigning your social strategy to increase its results

• Increase the results of your email marketing activities

• Tackle a project for the redesign of your website in a professional way and to try to guarantee results

Depending on the industry you operate in, you may need to outline a few (1 or 2) or many (10-20) buyer persona. However, to start, it is advisable to develop a small number of buyer personas, the standard is 3 to 5.

In this way you will be able to manage them more effectively and start working on them, optimizing the mechanisms that will then be easily replicable on other buyer persona developed in the future.

Let's take a more concrete example. During a marketing strategy, there are those who use newsletters.

Instead of sending the same email to the entire database, thanks to the development of buyer persona you will have the possibility to segment contacts based on specific characteristics and to customize the message starting from a more advanced segmentation (compared to a classic geographical segmentation, by language or by contact status).

With the help of the buyer personas, the company will be able to create highly targeted content that is able to convert the contact into a customer more easily.


To create a great buyer persona, a great deal of research is needed. That said, there are several steps to follow:

- Identify the questions to ask;

- Determine how to create potential customers;

- Create the complete profile of your buyer person (s)

Buyer person can be created by developing research, interacting with users, conducting questionnaires and interviews with target audiences, i.e. a mix of customers, prospects and non-database users that could fit your target.

Once you have found the buyer personas, it is very important to keep these figures constantly updated, it is advisable to update your buyer personas every 18-24 months.

Whether you are a product manager, a UX designer or a marketing specialist, buyer persona can help you in a crucial way to develop a deeper understanding of:

• Needs of your customer and potential

• How through your product or service you can solve its problems

• Which characteristics of campaigns and initiatives should be properly prioritized

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