The literal definition of a landing page is 'landing page'. A landing page is a specifically structured web page that the visitor reaches after clicking on a link or advertisement.

A well-structured landing page manages to convert a very high percentage of visitors into leads and it is essential for your business to create one, now I'll explain why.

Imagine having an ad on Google AdWords '' best face cream for acne ''. If a user clicked on the ad and ended up on the Home Page, he would most likely leave the page.

If, on the other hand, by clicking on the ad, the user was directed to a landing page that actually shows him that there is the best acne cream on the site, where he can also have a free consultation with a dermatologist, he will surely know what to do and will be more inclined. to fill out the form and then convert.


1. Provide value to your landing pages;

If you want a user to turn into a lead and then fill out the form, you have to attribute value to what the latter will read ...

Provide guides, free advice, videos ... In this way the user will be encouraged to fill out the form and once they have done so they will be redirected to a 'Thank you page' where they can download the promised content.

2. Be concise;

Users would be bored reading a very long landing page with infinite texts, so we must be summary but concise, keep a short and simple form, in this way the conversion rate will increase.

3. Customize your landing page;

There is no specific rule for creating a landing page and they are not unique to all sites, but you have to create them, customize them, analyze them and adapt them according to the business.

4. Sharing;

Make sure there is sharing via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc… in this way website visitors will be encouraged to share the contents with their audience.

5. Concentration;

It was certainly not easy to attract users to the landing page, once this goal has been achieved, we need to focus on ensuring that users stay there as long as possible. As? Hiding the website navigation bar and controls on the landing page.


First of all, let's reassure everyone, you don't have to be a computer scientist, but everyone can do it!

1. Clickfunnel:

If you have an offline business that you want to grow thanks to the powerful tools of online marketing, or you are just starting out and want to create your own online business from scratch, the Clickfunnels platform is certainly one of your best allies. With Clickfunnels, a tool reserved only for those who work online, you can create landing pages and sales funnels with which to attract new potential customers, in a few simple clicks.

2. Buiilerall:

Builderall is a drag and drop website builder, a platform that includes all the Web Marketing tools to start an Online Business, sell products and services, create funnels and responsive websites optimized for SEO. But not only that, with Builderall you will also be able to create the landing page.

3. Wix:

the fundamental first step in establishing your professional online presence is to create a professional website. However, if you want to generate leads and sales, an effective landing page is essential. Thankfully, the Wix site building platform is here to help you with free, customizable landing page templates.

To make the landing page achieve the desired purpose, first of all you need to drive traffic to the page itself. This can be done using different ways:

- Use e-mail marketing;

- Post links to your landing page on social networks, such as Instagram or Twitter;

- Add a link to the landing page in a blog post;

- Optimize your landing page for search engines;

- Create a PPC advertising campaign on search engines and link it with a link to your landing page.

These are all great ways to drive traffic to your landing page.

Are you ready and improve your online presence with an effective landing page?

To create your free site via Wix or to get started with the creation of Landing pages, you can click directly on this link and get started:

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