Online marketing strategies are evolving more and more and for this reason, marketers will have to consider the greater sensitivity of people to value aspects.

According to an analysis by McKinsey Digital, the crisis will pave the way for new business opportunities, and the ways to recover from the pandemic will be mainly digital. In order to emerge in this climate of strong change, it is useful to take a look at what will be the digital trends for 2021, in order to exploit them to your advantage.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already made significant changes in some aspects of our daily life, with products such as digital assistants (Alexa, Siri) or chatbots for customer care services on websites. For those who manage a company, artificial intelligence can be a fundamental resource. There are services that, for example, automatically transfer data from emails or from the call center to a registration system, updating it, without the need for the intervention of an operator.

Customer Data Platforms

In the near future there will be a boom in Customer Data Platforms, that is the platforms for collecting customer data in a company database. For example, demographic but also behavioral data can be aggregated, such as browsing history, product use or purchases made.

The success of CDPs is mainly due to the fact that they can have all the data that can be useful to the various departments of a company available on a single platform.

Remote work

Remote work will not end at the end of the emergency, as many thought. For economic reasons, time savings and a greater demand for flexibility on the part of workers, smart working and home working are destined to last over time.

Large companies, such as Google or Facebook, have already implemented a human resources organization plan to continue working from home for much of 2021.

5G network

5G is the fifth generation for the cellular network. Compared to 4G, 5G has a higher data transmission speed and a lower latency time, approximately 2 ms, to guarantee more and more response times in real time.

Social Media

Social networks remain a great opportunity for different types of companies to generate new leads and create a community of loyal customers.

Loyalty is the key word. To do this, you need to "ensure and find exactly what" users are looking for and "found us" for. Especially in this historical moment, people demand transparency. Companies must, therefore, be careful when creating posts on their social channels: the posts must be clear, accurate and consistent with their brand.

Video Marketing

Already a 2020 trend for both B2C and B2B, video marketing continues to be popular also in 2021. Video is much more attractive, easy to use and immediate than text, in a world where more and more people are in a hurry or, when they are not, they have less and less patience.

By now, most people use their smartphone almost exclusively to connect online or stay on social media. Video is one of the ideal forms of communication for mobile.

Green Business

More and more people are paying increasing attention to ecological issues and environmental and work sustainability. This is leading many companies to invest in eco-friendly products or to use green energy.

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