Have you ever heard of the reputation of marketing?

In fact, the reputation of the writer or speaker in marketing is a key factor.

Years ago, it was used to push the consumer towards the product through various suggestions and these marketing techniques were called push or pull techniques.

Today, however, there is a more conscious purchase on the part of the consumer because companies have moved towards a communication based on trust and reputation in which the customer acquires greater importance.

What if you were wondering why you buy those certain shoes at that particular store? Or, why do you use that cream rather than the other?

According to statistics, mainly because of its reputation.

In fact, many people, before buying, either trust the advice given by real people or some consumers do research online. This testifies to how much people can be influenced.

Having a favorable reputation from our consumers means that they trust us and our company.

Having an unfavorable reputation, on the other hand, will lead consumers to distrust the company and not buy our products.

How to take care of the reputation of our company and avoid crisis?

-Always monitor our brand;

-Moderation on social media, especially in responses;

- Great care of reviews;

- Great customer care care;

-Transparency in what you do.

It is clear that at the basis of a good reputation there must be a product / service that allows the company to differentiate itself from competitors precisely for what it offers to consumers and which in itself must represent a competitive advantage.

Unique products or services and with features that make them more appreciated than the competition allow the company to start building its reputation starting from these distinctive features: innovation, product quality, design, user experience.

An excellent reputation is certainly a factor that all companies want and it must be built over time; to do this, reputation management activities are very important.

Taking care of one's reputation means taking care of the way in which one is perceived by one's target market and obviously today this depends a lot on what is written on the net: a comment, a quote in a post is enough to improve or worsen the corporate reputation.

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