Nowadays there are many social networks available and the world of the community is constantly evolving, so here comes TikTok, the latest news from the East.

TikTok, the app downloaded by adults and teenagers, through which short related videos of special effects can be made, is today amazing. In fact, it managed to count millions of downloads in a short time.

But who is the creator of TikTok?

The app was launched by the Chinese company ByteDance. The startup that is currently worth 75 billion dollars, led by the Chinese emperor Zhang Yiming.

Initially the idea was to recreate a video platform that imitated the famous Musical.ly. The app that allowed users to create short videos by simulating and dancing songs, had in fact become a real trend among all teenagers. In 2016, the ByteDance company launched Douyin, its first music video application. In 2017, Douyin upgraded to the latest TikTok mobile application as an external version of the video app.

One of the most important moments in the history of TikTok is certainly the acquisition of Musical.ly. In 2017 TikTok begins to conquer the Indonesian market, and in the same year ByteDance acquires Musical.ly for 750 million dollars. The Chinese company, in fact, wanted both to access the number of its users and to take advantage of the qualified staff of Musical.ly. In August 2018 ByteDance unites Musical.ly and TikTok in its latest update.

With this merger, the Chinese company was able to access Musical.ly users and expand the TikTok user base, quickly becoming one of the most downloaded applications in both the United States and Europe.


The app is very simple to use. Available in both Android and iOS versions and allows its users to view and create videos of up to 60 seconds in length. After completing your registration you can create customized videos and view those of other users. The particular aspect that distinguishes the application is the addition of special effects according to one's taste, choosing to slow down or speed up using the appropriate filters. You can also add background music made available by the platform to the videos. Simplicity and innovation are therefore the hallmarks of this latest social network that has conquered millions of smartphones in a short time.

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